Pie Charts


Posted by Mr Sisterson | Posted in General News | Posted on 04-03-2016

Yesterday in maths, Mrs Lynn modelled how to construct a pie chart. Today, we worked on our own using protractors and compasses. Check out Vicky’s green stamp from yesterday and her improvement in today’s lesson. 

(Thomas won a prize for his presentation too!) 

Ten Nights at teddy’s by Vicky and Thomas


Posted by 6spupil2015 | Posted in General News | Posted on 12-10-2015

The drama started when the mysterious Ted was driving a black Lamborghini, while there was a police chase after a woman whose face was so ugly that people were crashing their cars. Then Ted saw the woman and when he woke up he was in a hospital bed with a bandage on his head and a cast on his leg. Thinking, “What happened?!” The nurse came in with a cup of tea and custard creams. She explained that he was in a car crash after looking at the ugly woman’s face. Ted went to see his Lamborghini, however, the nurse stopped him and told him to go back to bed. Ten minutes later, Ted thought to himself, “I need to get out of here and make sure that my Lamborghini is OK and to see the woman…”