This My Life By Stella


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Hello my name is Stella Cherrington, I am ten years old and I like to play on the computer and my Xbox one.


I was born at Basildon hospital just like my brothers and sisters. My Mum, Dad and Step-Dad were born there too

my dad is a mechanic, my mum is a full time mummy and my step-dad is the man of the house he always cooks dinner in the house.


When I was a toddler I sat in the living room and watch Peppa pig but on some of the days I will be as loud as a lion.

Child hood

In year five I was naughty all the time because I did not like school one bit, so I keep being naughty all day long no matter what happened and I kept getting reflections every day.

The start of year six

Finally the start of year six so far I have been good so that means that I will active all the best things in life. My dream job is to work in a nursery and work with little kids because I have fore little brothers and I like the to play games with them and two of them go to nursery so some times when my mum drops them of I go with mum and I see all the other kids and baby’s so I would like to work at bells nursery, that’s my brothers nursery.

100 Word Challenge – By Stella


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The big teddy family went to see the beautiful beach but  suddenly a huge wave came in so the dad started the car and drove off. He put the roof on as soon as he could. Only one of them survived but all the rest got washed away. However Ted’s brother did not get washed away, he got put in a coma for one year. That very day Ted went and visited him and his mum and dad’s grave. Ted’s brother, named Jeff,  reckoned it was the best day of Ted’s life so far. Ted and Jeff never went near the sea side ever again but when Ted told Jeff  that mum and dad were dead, he did not ever forgive himself  for what had happened.