Stanley’s Shocking Newspaper Report


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SNOW WHITE’S SHOCKING DEATH        –       1928

New York was shaken once they found that their ‘Belle of New York’ had been pronounced dead. Miss Snow White was found dead in an alleyway by a crowd of homeless people on Sunday 18th June, 1928.

A few weeks ago, Snow White made the front page of The New York Mirror remarking that she was the ‘The Belle of New York City’. Mr and Mrs White thought: ‘There’s no better way to celebrate something than a party’. As a loyal, rich politician, George White hosted the party at the very top of the Empire State building; however, no one knew that this was just another part of Mrs White’s mastermind plot…

All was great! The party was in full swing, everyone was swirling around on the patterned dance floor, sipping New York’s finest champagne and ingesting cocktails. Smirking, Vivenne fiendishly handed over a drink; little did Snow White know that the cherry was poisoned…

Later that night, with misty eyes, a group of homeless people, in great need of food and warmth, found a corpse. Snow White’s corpse! Somehow, Snow White was in perfect condition: no scratches, no bruises and no cuts! No one knew the identity of the low-life murderer and citizens questioned: ‘What was Snow White doing in an alleyway?’

When police released this news, New York sobbed. But only one person refused to care — Vivenne White. Posters lined the city and covered the lampposts, announcing the beautiful Snow White’s death. Ever since Snow White passed away, New York has no other weather type but rain. Everyone who attended the party was ordered and forced to visit the police station, NYPD.

As time went on and the days flew by, the police collected more and more clues and pieced together the puzzle but that stopped once it was Vivenne’s turn. Her reply to every question was, “No comment”. Police and investigators wondered, “What could Snow White possibly be doing in an alleyway?” NYPD soon noticed the true culprit; it was Vivenne White all along! Currently, she doesn’t know that she’s being hunted down. If caught, she’ll be served with life! The reason being that she sent a bodyguard to kill Snow, however, the hit-man’s instincts forced him to resist. So Vivenne proceeded to attempt to murder Snow White – but this time with an un-noticeable approach…