Up-staging a newspaper report


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Today we worked with writing partners to up-stage a newspaper report. This is in preparation for writing our own sensationalist news stories next week. 


Ruby: Messy Monster Life


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Ruby: Messy Monsters Life


Hi, my name is Ruby Mae. I am 10 years old. I spent all my life using my brain … its true.


I was born in St John’s Hospital in Basildon on March 16th 2005. My dad (Tony) came a mechanic after I was born. Apparently, my mum (Faye) devastatingly mumbled that my sister (Emily) moaned that she wanted to be the only child.


When I was a toddler, I was really messy and that’s true. I   was a paint bomb. My mum got really frustrated as the markers got all over the glass table. Roughly about that time, my mum and dad got divorced (nooo!). I don’t remember a thing.


Finally, the day came of my 6th birthday party. I been waiting for six whole years. I climbed the big, red, jelly blob. I knew I would have my 10th birthday party at a swimming pool. On my 10th birthday party, the two people I invited  from my old school  didn’t come because one was sick and the other one had her birthday party on the same day because she’s  3 days older than me (bad news!). They’re not friends which was a problem. That day I made a big mess.


Now I’m older, I’m going to take care of my mess. My mum and my step dad said I’ll  help out with the washing up— personally that’s not my thing—because my step dad is ill recently. However, I want be an artist when I’m older (hopefully I won’t be as messy as I am now).