100 Word Challenge. By Nahin


Posted by 6spupil2015 | Posted in General News | Posted on 12-10-2015

The teddy bears got in the car like total gangsters. Nobody knows who they are, they probably are robbers. Especially, if they have such a nice car and such wonderful clothes. Also, just have a look at that weather; it looks so blistering out there. So many ordinary people out there how are they not noticing all of this.

I am sure that they have been to some type of seaside because they seem to be as cool as the sky. However, they are soon going to get caught by the police. Happily for them, they are going to go to a marvellous mansion. How amazing will that be!

Ted shouted, “Just get out of here! I have just had enough of this madness and I am totally shattered to bit.”

Wow, looks like Ted is not in a good mood. He seems to have had the massive hump.

Anyway, Jake went back to his amazing home and that was probably the end of that. It was quite an amazing day but there is quite a lot of driving to do for the surprised Jake but they always sing along to the radio when thy are bored.

And that was the end of that.