The Southend Adventure


Posted by 6spupil2015 | Posted in General News | Posted on 20-11-2015

By Katie

Waiting patiently by the front door Scott and I were extremely excited, then I saw the Mitsubishi parking up and ran as fast as I could although Scott strolled over. Then Scott shouted over to me loudly “WAIT KATE!” But I just ignored him. After that I jumped in the car (anxiously thinking about the first ride I was going to go on) whilst the shining sun stared into my eyes.
Eventually, everybody was ready to leave. But then my mum forgot her black Ray Ban glasses. Finally we got there and there was a rather long Que. Meanwhile Scott and I chatted excitedly; then at last we got to the very front and got our wrist bands.
Next, I jumped on a huge beach chair which was red and white striped. All of a sudden I heard my mum calling me so I went over there and apologised for running of.
Walking slowly with my two big brothers, Aaron and Scott, we saw the red, blue and green bumper cars and started walking excitedly towards them. As I got in a sapphire bumper car I got ready to bump into my dad’s turquoise car and he was more ready than ever!
As a result we all got a wonderful donut with lots of sugar on the top-which was very generous-but I had two which was even better! After that we went on many other rides, for example green scream, the rage and the surfer. Unfortunately, we had to leave to leave, which made me very sad. When I got home, my legs were eventually relaxing AT LAST!