Joshua The Gamer in Training


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Hello my name is Joshua, I’m ten years old and all my years I’ve mostly enjoyed. Differently, when I was young, I always had a controller in my hand, which is really weird.

I was born on January 29th 2005; unfortunately, I really wanted to be born on December 2003 21st (so I could be older then my cousin. Some people use to call my mum, dad and I the J’s because we all begin with a J but my little sister, Danny, spoilt it now it’s Joshua , me, Juliet, Mum, junior, Dad, and Danny, annoying little sister. Also, I was born in Local London Hospital –LLH.

Unfortunately when I was a baby, I was as messy as a pig-which made my mum blow a fuse-so I had to be clean or no TV for a month. On my fourth birthday I didn’t really get a birthday party. Luckily, Danny wasn’t born –YAY! Sometime later, I actually got my new 5 years old passport yay –but at that time I didn’t care…

Over the next few year, on my 9th and special birthday I had a foremost party. It was OUTSTANDING! I summoned Jay, Alfie -who didn’t come- Daylee, Mia and faith. However, unfortunately I got second place to Jay, which made me furious! I really I mean really hated losing to Jay! I felt like screeching into jays ears until I won… I think I’m over reacting.
Hopefully, in the future I’ll show Danny off and become a world class gamer like pewdipie. Wish me good luck. I wonder what will happen in the future. Probably, I’ll be rich and showing off at Danny house. Also, Danny is 3 years old. Well actually, four years old.

100 Word Challenge by Joshua


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Last week there was a horrible invasion of ALIENS! They were swarming with huge aliens  stomping on the cars. It all started when a suspicious looking man, with a robot eye, shouted, “You will pay for what you have done to my friend! You will die!”

Then a . . . BOOM!!

Australia blew up. Teddies were everywhere! It was a Teddy apocalypse! They were everywhere! It was no use trying, they would come, there was no hope for Flash. He was speeding with Superman, trying to get to the mother ship then there was a crash, then it was over. The world was at an end!