Holly’s Persuasive Letter


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Dear Snow White,

In honour of your well-known success, your father and I have decided to host a grand gala, showcasing your new musical career. To celebrate this victory, we would love to see you by the Town Hall at 8:00pm; it will surely be an unforgettable event!

Firstly, there is always the amazing opportunity to please the guests with the exact thing that launched your career – your stunning singing voice! Why deny such a brilliant offer which would certainly make your father and me proud?

You may argue that you have far too many professional concerts to attend; however, your absence shall let down your friends and relatives greatly and the party just would not be the same!

If you pass (which I sincerely hope you do not), you will be missing out on all of the delicious nourishments: mouth-watering cookies, a sweet variety of candies, fruit bursting with flavour and a luscious, tempting Victoria sponge piled high with creamy icing, adorned with petite strawberries and cherries. What’s the purpose of having a ball in your honour if you are not there?

As your stepmother, I have spent millions of dollars on this party of a lifetime, and all of those many thousands shall be wasted if you do not attend! So, for the sake of your career, would you please turn up?

With gratitude,

Veronica White

Holly Mae: Autobiography of an Artist!


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Holly Mae:
Autobiography of an Artist!
I’m Holly. I am ten years old and was born with a paintbrush… It’s true! I adore reading and I love art more than I love my shoes – I love my shoes A LOT! I could go on forever naming shoes, such as heels, chiselled heels, high heels, shiny heels, sparkly heels, designer heels, dress-up heels, sparkly dress-up heels, shiny dress-up heels… (as you can see, I’m very chatty!)
It took me 46 minutes and 38 seconds to be born at Basildon Hospital, from my mum, Caroline Eke, and my dad, John Hooper, was there all the way.

When I was three, I was sitting at the dinner table, picking the peas from my mashed potato with my fingers, when I suddenly got an amazing idea! I threw the broccoli (EWW) off my plate and onto my pregnant mum’s lap, and spread the mashed potato around my plate, and put my peas and carrots in certain places, creating a smiley face in my dinner! I showed mum, and she frowned at the mess, but said it was a masterpiece anyway! I mean, it’s not every day your mum praises your for making a mess, is it?

At the age of four, I went on holiday to Spain and apparently ‘fell off a chair’ and slit my lip open! The Spanish hospital made me wait 3 WHOLE HOURS until my operation. Dad was furious! They didn’t give me that gas which makes me fall asleep, and they sewed my cut up WITH A KNEEDLE AND THREAD! Anyway, the following day was my first day in school! YAY!
When I got to class, our first lesson was art! I was thrilled! Our teacher, Mrs, Gill, gave out black markers and whiteboards to draw our drafts. I didn’t know what the pen and whiteboard were for, so when she said “plan your pictures”, I started drawing tiger stripes on my face! Mrs Gill rushed over and showed me how to use the whiteboard and pen. I had to go around as a tiger for the WHOLE DAY! It was the most EMBARRASSING event of my life!

In the future, I plan to be a Shoe Artist (Painting shoes, painting patterns on shoes) and live in London with my awesome BFFs, Mia shipman , Victoria Darko and my awesome dog, buddy, in a huge glass studio, and everyone will buy my beautiful, designer shoes! I also hope that my family will find out that they CAN draw, and use that ability wisely! My sister, Jae, hates art and I have NO IDEA IN THE UNIVERSE why! Maybe it’s because I tease her about not being a professional artist – Oops, not meant to say that! Well, my friends, I guess this is the end. Bye-bye!

Ted Driving a Car – By Holly Dolly


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It all began when I went to Sainsbury's...

When I returned from my job at Tesco, I got changed and went to Sainsbury’s because it is miles better than Tesco (I still do not know why I work there!). I was parking my red van when I saw an ugly, old, black car on the other side of the car park. I went to look over and stood in front of it, and the driver was…. Ted?! Um, so Ted and his family were up to no good. They were at Sainsbury’s. I didn’t know where they would go next…