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Mad Monkey 
This report will give you information about a type of monkey that lives in the Night Zoo.

What does it look like? 

The mad monkey has cheetah legs that allow him to run faster than a car . Powered buy a Jet pack, bat-like wings help him to fly quickly so he can escape from enemies.  

Harry – I am a Chatterbox


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I am ten and I love cars! I enjoy playing games on my Xbox and I really like bikes and scooters.
I was born in Basildon Hospital and I was born in 2005. My mum and dad were there and the names are Tracy and Paul. My dad is a Lorry driver and mum is a lunch time helper.
When I was three I had an accident whilst on holiday in Turkey.I was sitting in my buggy on top of a hill when all of a sudden I started to roly-poly like a sausage all the way down to the bottom.