Teddy Mafia by Mia & Harry Sh


Posted by 6spupil2015 | Posted in General News | Posted on 12-10-2015

“Right!” said Al the Teddy with the conker brown fur. Al rounded all of the gang of bears into an enormous round circle.

“Oogie! Grab the RPG! We’re going out hunting!” said Rupert a bear with jet black fur and an eye-patch, grimacing a dark smirk. Oogie, a bear with blood red fur and a scar over his eyebrow, legged it across the room and stopped in his tracks.

“I’ll load the car ‘innit Joezeebo! Come with me mate!” he called across the room. All the Bears ran outside to the car, a stolen Lamborghini Adventador. Someone’s gonna’ die tonight…