Water Poem by Gene


Posted by 6spupil2015 | Posted in General News | Posted on 13-06-2016

At the lovely beach of Southend, where the waves are nice and high,
every one likes to have a game and learn to swim and dive.
Whenever the sun is in the sky the beach is always crowded,
but when it’s wet and cold the place can be deserted.
Whilst all the children run around having so much fun,
the parents can lay around, sipping cocktails filled with rum.
Playing beach ball and fishing in rock-pools,
all these things remind me, “Southend Rules!”

Gene’s Discussion – Who is the fairest in New York?


Posted by Mr Sisterson | Posted in General News | Posted on 28-04-2016

Snow White Vs. Step-mother

In New York, over the last few months, a great debate has evolved regarding whether Snow White or her step-mother should be labelled “the fairest of them all”. Even though they are both successful in their chosen field of work, they are completely different in personality so deciding between the two women is extremely difficult.

Those in favour of Snow White believe that she possesses a natural beauty that does not need to be enhanced with make-up. With her long blonde hair swaying in the wind, Snow White has a stream of admirers wherever she goes. Furthermore, although she has an extraordinary singing voice and is forever complimented, she is never conceited and is always humble.

In contrast, some people would argue that her stylish and sophisticated step-mother deserves the title because she is always immaculately presented. Her make-up highlights her beauty to the extreme (just like a fashion icon) and she is an industrious women who dresses to impress.

On the other hand, Snow White has proven herself to be kind by donating 50% of her earnings each week to charities and orphanages within New York City. However, her step-mother is extremely persuasive and she uses her wit and charm to persuade other people to donate hefty sums of money to charitable causes.

In conclusion, I believe that they both deserve to be crowned ‘Belle of New York’ because they are both wonderful women.