Perfect Pets by Faith


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                     Perfect Pets

By Faith

On a bone white rug,

A cream and brown pug

Spoke up “I am not afraid to go to the vets

I am the best of the best when it comes to pets!”


“I am the best.” Snarled the cat,

“I only take up a mat

I can fit on a lap

At least I don’t drink out the tap.”


“Disagree the dogs the best

He can put you to the test

He deserves a pat

But you, your heart is made of stone your wretched cat!”

Faith: Autobiography of a Mathematician


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Faith: Autobiography of a Mathematician

I am Faith and I’m ten-years-old.

I have spent most of my life doing maths, it is true I absolutely love maths it is my favourite subject.

Also I like swimming, art, tennis, basketball and games.


On the 30th August 2005 I was born in North London Hospital. When I was born I wasn’t like all other babies because I slept like an angel and rarely cried.


A short while after I was born, at seven months I learnt how to toddle round the house. However, I did tumble quite a lot (then I got back up). Just one month later I grew my first tooth, after I spoke my first word, mum. My Mum, Kemi, and my Dad – Kevin- bought me a cake spelling one with pink icing and butterflies for my 1st birthday.


As I turned two, just four days later my little sister, Elesha, was born she was like the best late birthday present in the world ( even though she wasn’t an actual birthday present). I used to spring up and down in front of her baby chair we giggled from morning till night. We played for hours and hours non-stop we had a blast! Two weeks later we moved to a marvellous house in South Ockendon. I was taught how to ride a tricycle round the garden I received a hot pink three wheeled bike. I had the time of my life riding round the amazing garden!


One year later I started nursery and participated in my first swimming lesson I loved splashing, swimming and jumping in! I was taught how to count to ten but because I was little I got some numbers mixed up. At four I started school learned to read, write and count in two’s, fives and tens (though it was a bumpy ride). Near the end of the year my little brother, Elijah, was born I loved carrying him round the house as well as helping my mum.


At five years old I started to play the key board   and moved up two swimming groups. When I was six I learnt my 3 and 4 times table. Also I was taught to ride a bike without stabilizers. At seven and eight I knew all my times tables! When I went swimming at nine I moved up to swimming lengths and earned my 50 metre badge.


Teddy Bear Mayhem By Faith


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Rapidly, a sports car raced out of a dimly-lit car park, being chased by a police with bright flashing lights and a screeching siren! One bear turned round, his face turned a pale colour as they did not know they were being chased by the police. Money was falling on the road from a ragged old sack. It was not the bears’ money it was stolen from Tesco. None of them thought it was wrong as they had no money they were street bears, abandoned from their owners, left in the dump with all the other rubbish! Somehow they came to life….