Selfish Snow Animals by Aimee


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Slipping and sliding in the wintery wonderland,

A stampede of snow leopards charged past,

The leopard fell in the water and sank as quickly as quicksand,

“I want that igloo I’m so fast!”


A swoop of snow flattened on the ice,

“I’m the oldest I need some care”

“You may be old but not at all nice”

“I see you have three claws but I have more and no more spare”


Gliding through the water the seal came for some air,

“What about me I have left over bait for catching fish”

“We are all stuck in a pear!”

“Let’s share the igloo and not be so selfish”


Aimee’s Life with the Love of Pets


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My name is Aimee, I’m eleven years old and I have spent my life caring for animals… It’s true! I am a student at Aveley Primary School—the best school in Thurrock.


I was born 18th October 2004 (somewhere in Basildon Hospital). While my mother (a teaching assistant) could not look after me so I stayed with my Nan (Beryl) and also my grandad, Peter, as my mum had to go to work. Therefore I played with Blake because he was only three years old and was not at school.


When I was a toddler, my mother always turned the TV on to the Backyardigans (best show EVER!) Due to my love of animals I used to see a cute, fluffy kitten jump on the window sill – so adorable – since then I have imagined taking care of poorly pets. After a while, I bolted to my brother’s bedroom and wore his football t-shirt and freakishly immense boots. Usually I hollered down the stairs to Blake shouting, “Can we play football Blake?”


Over the next few years, my 6th birthday was upon us. I opened my gifts – a beautiful pop up house. My house had a pretend washing machine and an oven. I pulled out a frying pan and pretended to make pancakes. Although, when playing football, Blake booted the ball in my face.


I certainly still feel the love for animals. I am perfecting how to look after pet as I have had four cats and one bunny. If I continue to work hard, I will be the best veterinarian in the world!

100 word challenge by Aimee


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Riding with happiness, five amazing teddy bears rode down in their first-rate Bugatti, they pulled up at the petrol station and grabbed their sunglasses off. The bears made an outrageous argument about how much they should put in the tank.

“We need to put the whole lot in!”shouted Daisy.

“No! No! No!” screamed Pluto.

The owner of the incredible service shop had booted the amazing Bugatti back on to the road as a truck smashed right in to the side of the door. The two bears gasped as the special car slowly  vanished in the distance of the sunset.