Raging Reptiles by David


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Raging Reptiles

By David

Rushing right through as the Safari tumbled,

A prowling lion was observing the land,

Suddenly, like an earthquake, there was a miniature rumble,

And an anaconda appeared, rising from the sand.


“Hey ugly! You’re more of a chicken, not a cat!”

The lion was furious, so angry he was a wrecking ball,

He tried to attack, merely failed and was knocked over flat,

“Better watch your step,” the anaconda sneered, “Unless you want a mighty fall!”


“Cool this down!” A panda said with a shout,

He sorted them out, preventing a fight,

They were turned into friends, without a doubt,

They smiled and both said “He’s right!”

Selfish Snow Animals by Aimee


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Slipping and sliding in the wintery wonderland,

A stampede of snow leopards charged past,

The leopard fell in the water and sank as quickly as quicksand,

“I want that igloo I’m so fast!”


A swoop of snow flattened on the ice,

“I’m the oldest I need some care”

“You may be old but not at all nice”

“I see you have three claws but I have more and no more spare”


Gliding through the water the seal came for some air,

“What about me I have left over bait for catching fish”

“We are all stuck in a pear!”

“Let’s share the igloo and not be so selfish”


Ruby: Messy Monster Life


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Ruby: Messy Monsters Life


Hi, my name is Ruby Mae. I am 10 years old. I spent all my life using my brain … its true.


I was born in St John’s Hospital in Basildon on March 16th 2005. My dad (Tony) came a mechanic after I was born. Apparently, my mum (Faye) devastatingly mumbled that my sister (Emily) moaned that she wanted to be the only child.


When I was a toddler, I was really messy and that’s true. I   was a paint bomb. My mum got really frustrated as the markers got all over the glass table. Roughly about that time, my mum and dad got divorced (nooo!). I don’t remember a thing.


Finally, the day came of my 6th birthday party. I been waiting for six whole years. I climbed the big, red, jelly blob. I knew I would have my 10th birthday party at a swimming pool. On my 10th birthday party, the two people I invited  from my old school  didn’t come because one was sick and the other one had her birthday party on the same day because she’s  3 days older than me (bad news!). They’re not friends which was a problem. That day I made a big mess.


Now I’m older, I’m going to take care of my mess. My mum and my step dad said I’ll  help out with the washing up— personally that’s not my thing—because my step dad is ill recently. However, I want be an artist when I’m older (hopefully I won’t be as messy as I am now).

Thomas’ Lego Life


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Hi! My name is Thomas, I am a Lego the only reason I say that is that I love Lego. I was born on 2004 November the 4th. I have it everywhere, my mum, Tracey, and my dad, Paul, always say “pick it up” and sometimes that happened but usually it goes up in the hoover. One day I will become a Lego design in the main factory (Denmark)

At first it was me, my mum and dad then came along my brother, Harry, he was such a cute baby but now he has changed so much. I also had a cat called George – he was a brilliant cat because he lets you tickle his belly and stroke him for a long time, he also survived until he was twenty and that is a long time for a cat. He had a best friend, which was my nans German Shepard called Dice. However, George Sadly passed away… It was very sad for my family. The only reason my cat did die is because he had a throat disease!

After all of sad news we thought of getting a British Bulldog and that is what happened! We had to look after a British Bulldog called Ralf for a month, he was not the prettiest dog I had seen, he smelled a lot but it was nice to walk a dog. However, even though he was a lovely dog, he had to go it was sad but I do not miss the stinky smell. After that, my family and I got a cute cat from Kent called Ted. Even though he had a lovely name we wanted to change his name because what happened in the past with his old family so we decided to name him Redge. He is a feisty one but he is so cute you just want to hug him but he will probably not even let you do that.

When it was my 9th birthday, I got my first touch screen phone (Apple, IPhone five) and a tablet. Then we went to my nans to go out for a family meal, there was a surprise installed for me when my Aunty and Uncle came in. They got me an Xbox 360 and I was so happy.

Holly Mae: Autobiography of an Artist!


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Holly Mae:
Autobiography of an Artist!
I’m Holly. I am ten years old and was born with a paintbrush… It’s true! I adore reading and I love art more than I love my shoes – I love my shoes A LOT! I could go on forever naming shoes, such as heels, chiselled heels, high heels, shiny heels, sparkly heels, designer heels, dress-up heels, sparkly dress-up heels, shiny dress-up heels… (as you can see, I’m very chatty!)
It took me 46 minutes and 38 seconds to be born at Basildon Hospital, from my mum, Caroline Eke, and my dad, John Hooper, was there all the way.

When I was three, I was sitting at the dinner table, picking the peas from my mashed potato with my fingers, when I suddenly got an amazing idea! I threw the broccoli (EWW) off my plate and onto my pregnant mum’s lap, and spread the mashed potato around my plate, and put my peas and carrots in certain places, creating a smiley face in my dinner! I showed mum, and she frowned at the mess, but said it was a masterpiece anyway! I mean, it’s not every day your mum praises your for making a mess, is it?

At the age of four, I went on holiday to Spain and apparently ‘fell off a chair’ and slit my lip open! The Spanish hospital made me wait 3 WHOLE HOURS until my operation. Dad was furious! They didn’t give me that gas which makes me fall asleep, and they sewed my cut up WITH A KNEEDLE AND THREAD! Anyway, the following day was my first day in school! YAY!
When I got to class, our first lesson was art! I was thrilled! Our teacher, Mrs, Gill, gave out black markers and whiteboards to draw our drafts. I didn’t know what the pen and whiteboard were for, so when she said “plan your pictures”, I started drawing tiger stripes on my face! Mrs Gill rushed over and showed me how to use the whiteboard and pen. I had to go around as a tiger for the WHOLE DAY! It was the most EMBARRASSING event of my life!

In the future, I plan to be a Shoe Artist (Painting shoes, painting patterns on shoes) and live in London with my awesome BFFs, Mia shipman , Victoria Darko and my awesome dog, buddy, in a huge glass studio, and everyone will buy my beautiful, designer shoes! I also hope that my family will find out that they CAN draw, and use that ability wisely! My sister, Jae, hates art and I have NO IDEA IN THE UNIVERSE why! Maybe it’s because I tease her about not being a professional artist – Oops, not meant to say that! Well, my friends, I guess this is the end. Bye-bye!

Mia: A.K.A Mimi


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Hello! My name is Mia, I’m currently 11 years old, I’m in year 6 and I was born on the 5th of October in 2004. I was born in East-London. I lived in a small terraced house in a homely street but with a busy road. My old house went back in time, during the world, in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I had a small room, with a big window sill that I used to sit on and play with my toys. It was sort of like a fairy-tale room. It had mellow pink walls, one wall with butterfly and flowers on the wallpaper. The curtains draped over the bed because it was by the window sill. On the wall that the top of my bed was on had a hot pink wardrobe with a clear white body and hot pink on the doors. Next to my bed was a pink and white spotty. It had my baby dolls on the top. On my wall at the end of the bed was a pink shelf with a box TV and my DVDs in the drawers below.

I went to a horrible school, my parents despised the teachers and the school altogether. One teacher even accused my mum of trying to get her fired, which I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fired because she was an old hag and took advantage of my brother Jack’s illnesses and allergies, not letting him go on school trips and other fun events at the school. My brother felt isolated and left out and he wasn’t even allowed school dinners!

In the early stages of life I used to watch Roly Poly Oly, Peppa Pig, the moon dreamers, Rosie and Jim and Charlie and Lola. My favourite channels were: Playhouse Disney, Disney Cinamagic, Nick Jr, Pop, Cartoon Network and Pop Girl. My brothers and I used to watch Skatoony on the TV every night or play monopoly. It used to be so fun.

One day my Dad and Mum decided they didn’t love each other anymore and split up. I sort of sensed this would happen because my Dad hardly stayed with us. I still don’t know where he’d stay. I was very upset. I would envy the people in my class, I’d see parents cuddling outside the gates and I got very sad. I wished that my parents would one day, wake up and realise they had made a big mistake and then my mum would run into my dad’s arms and love each other forever, no matter what. However it was too late. My dad had already moved to a place named Chafford, somewhere in Essex. And before I knew it he went away to Las Vegas to get married to my now step mum, Yvonne. I don’t care as much anymore though because I have a close friendship with her daughter (my step-sister, Katie) I will mention her later at the end.

Another day my Dad claimed he wanted to move out with his wife into OUR house leaving us homeless, because my Mum couldn’t manage us all by herself. My amazing Granddad found out and instantly gave us a home… HIS HOUSE! I was so excited that we were moving in with my Granddad because we barely saw him because he lived in Romford. So then my mum and I moved in. my brothers chose to stay with my dad and I saw him at the weekend.

After a while my mum finally got enough money to buy a flat, with my dad’s help. She got one in Essex, which meant we were now living in the land of hair extensions and fake tan. We still live in the flat (we’ve now lived in it for 3-4 years) then eventually my dad moved into Essex with us. He moved into a small village named Aveley. I was in a new school (at this time I was in year 2) called Aveley Primary School! (Whoop! whoop! for Aveley!)

I settled in shortly and made my first ever Best Friend, Holly (hello from across the room!) we’re still best friends now after 4 years!

However my life started going downhill from Year 4. I was having panic attacks and a lot of anxiety followed by referrals and very cross parents. It was a dark time for me. However I have changed now and I refuse to be like that again.

Then I became friends with a new girl called Daylee, she was one of my best friends too. However some people didn’t like this fact… Daylee and I would practise singing in the playground and then perform to teachers and finally I got to show off my singing to the whole school, after performing for 7 years to my scalped Barbie dolls. I got a solo in the Christmas Concert. We were singing O’ holy night. The end note was so long that I guarantee you, you could probably see my rib cage peeking out.
I was really, really nervous!

A week later a parent came over to me and complemented my singing. This was a huge relief to me because I was so anxious about it, I even considered giving the part to Daylee instead. I always thought Daylee was better at singing than me. She could hit the high notes and to be honest I thought I sounded like a constipated sheep. However now I have the skills to sing high notes after practice. I can even sing songs from Adele!

Now all of my dreams have come true. Apart from one which my step-sister and I are still working on (operation kidnap Tyler Oakley) I’ve even sent my allie (it’s just Katie) to his book signing in London with some duct tape and a pillow case (just kidding, but she did go to his Book signing and got me a signed copy! Please don’t arrest me!) But that story is another tale…

The Southend Adventure


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By Katie

Waiting patiently by the front door Scott and I were extremely excited, then I saw the Mitsubishi parking up and ran as fast as I could although Scott strolled over. Then Scott shouted over to me loudly “WAIT KATE!” But I just ignored him. After that I jumped in the car (anxiously thinking about the first ride I was going to go on) whilst the shining sun stared into my eyes.
Eventually, everybody was ready to leave. But then my mum forgot her black Ray Ban glasses. Finally we got there and there was a rather long Que. Meanwhile Scott and I chatted excitedly; then at last we got to the very front and got our wrist bands.
Next, I jumped on a huge beach chair which was red and white striped. All of a sudden I heard my mum calling me so I went over there and apologised for running of.
Walking slowly with my two big brothers, Aaron and Scott, we saw the red, blue and green bumper cars and started walking excitedly towards them. As I got in a sapphire bumper car I got ready to bump into my dad’s turquoise car and he was more ready than ever!
As a result we all got a wonderful donut with lots of sugar on the top-which was very generous-but I had two which was even better! After that we went on many other rides, for example green scream, the rage and the surfer. Unfortunately, we had to leave to leave, which made me very sad. When I got home, my legs were eventually relaxing AT LAST!

Faith: Autobiography of a Mathematician


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Faith: Autobiography of a Mathematician

I am Faith and I’m ten-years-old.

I have spent most of my life doing maths, it is true I absolutely love maths it is my favourite subject.

Also I like swimming, art, tennis, basketball and games.


On the 30th August 2005 I was born in North London Hospital. When I was born I wasn’t like all other babies because I slept like an angel and rarely cried.


A short while after I was born, at seven months I learnt how to toddle round the house. However, I did tumble quite a lot (then I got back up). Just one month later I grew my first tooth, after I spoke my first word, mum. My Mum, Kemi, and my Dad – Kevin- bought me a cake spelling one with pink icing and butterflies for my 1st birthday.


As I turned two, just four days later my little sister, Elesha, was born she was like the best late birthday present in the world ( even though she wasn’t an actual birthday present). I used to spring up and down in front of her baby chair we giggled from morning till night. We played for hours and hours non-stop we had a blast! Two weeks later we moved to a marvellous house in South Ockendon. I was taught how to ride a tricycle round the garden I received a hot pink three wheeled bike. I had the time of my life riding round the amazing garden!


One year later I started nursery and participated in my first swimming lesson I loved splashing, swimming and jumping in! I was taught how to count to ten but because I was little I got some numbers mixed up. At four I started school learned to read, write and count in two’s, fives and tens (though it was a bumpy ride). Near the end of the year my little brother, Elijah, was born I loved carrying him round the house as well as helping my mum.


At five years old I started to play the key board   and moved up two swimming groups. When I was six I learnt my 3 and 4 times table. Also I was taught to ride a bike without stabilizers. At seven and eight I knew all my times tables! When I went swimming at nine I moved up to swimming lengths and earned my 50 metre badge.


Aimee’s Life with the Love of Pets


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My name is Aimee, I’m eleven years old and I have spent my life caring for animals… It’s true! I am a student at Aveley Primary School—the best school in Thurrock.


I was born 18th October 2004 (somewhere in Basildon Hospital). While my mother (a teaching assistant) could not look after me so I stayed with my Nan (Beryl) and also my grandad, Peter, as my mum had to go to work. Therefore I played with Blake because he was only three years old and was not at school.


When I was a toddler, my mother always turned the TV on to the Backyardigans (best show EVER!) Due to my love of animals I used to see a cute, fluffy kitten jump on the window sill – so adorable – since then I have imagined taking care of poorly pets. After a while, I bolted to my brother’s bedroom and wore his football t-shirt and freakishly immense boots. Usually I hollered down the stairs to Blake shouting, “Can we play football Blake?”


Over the next few years, my 6th birthday was upon us. I opened my gifts – a beautiful pop up house. My house had a pretend washing machine and an oven. I pulled out a frying pan and pretended to make pancakes. Although, when playing football, Blake booted the ball in my face.


I certainly still feel the love for animals. I am perfecting how to look after pet as I have had four cats and one bunny. If I continue to work hard, I will be the best veterinarian in the world!

Publishing our auto-biographies…


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We have learnt how to publish professionally. No more silly fonts, colours or dodgy spacing! We also justified our writing to make it look like the novels we enjoy so much!