Making Maths Games with Year 2


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As part of Maths Week, Year 2 came and made some maths-based games with us. It was great fun, especially having the opportunity to work with different partners and share our maths knowledge.

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Refraction of light investigation


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We investigated the refraction of light using simply glasses of water, paper and pencil. It was fascinating how the change in material that light was travelling through caused it to bend. We have loved our light topic!

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The Winning Pitch


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The Winning Pitch from Matt Sisterson on Vimeo.

Explore Learning


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Last week we were visited by the team from Explore Learning at Lakeside. We competed in a Dragon’s Den style activity where we had to sell a new invention. The pitches were very competitive – video of the winners is to follow…

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Water Poem by Gene


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At the lovely beach of Southend, where the waves are nice and high,
every one likes to have a game and learn to swim and dive.
Whenever the sun is in the sky the beach is always crowded,
but when it’s wet and cold the place can be deserted.
Whilst all the children run around having so much fun,
the parents can lay around, sipping cocktails filled with rum.
Playing beach ball and fishing in rock-pools,
all these things remind me, “Southend Rules!”

Our current book focus: Snow White in New York


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Snow White in New York

We are currently enjoying Snow White in New York. It is a retelling of the classic, traditional tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; however, it is set in roaring 1920s New York – the time of jazz bands and flapper girls.

Check out the posts below to see some of our excellent writing that is linked to the book. Please comment!

Gene’s Discussion – Who is the fairest in New York?


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Snow White Vs. Step-mother

In New York, over the last few months, a great debate has evolved regarding whether Snow White or her step-mother should be labelled “the fairest of them all”. Even though they are both successful in their chosen field of work, they are completely different in personality so deciding between the two women is extremely difficult.

Those in favour of Snow White believe that she possesses a natural beauty that does not need to be enhanced with make-up. With her long blonde hair swaying in the wind, Snow White has a stream of admirers wherever she goes. Furthermore, although she has an extraordinary singing voice and is forever complimented, she is never conceited and is always humble.

In contrast, some people would argue that her stylish and sophisticated step-mother deserves the title because she is always immaculately presented. Her make-up highlights her beauty to the extreme (just like a fashion icon) and she is an industrious women who dresses to impress.

On the other hand, Snow White has proven herself to be kind by donating 50% of her earnings each week to charities and orphanages within New York City. However, her step-mother is extremely persuasive and she uses her wit and charm to persuade other people to donate hefty sums of money to charitable causes.

In conclusion, I believe that they both deserve to be crowned ‘Belle of New York’ because they are both wonderful women.

Stanley’s Shocking Newspaper Report


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SNOW WHITE’S SHOCKING DEATH        –       1928

New York was shaken once they found that their ‘Belle of New York’ had been pronounced dead. Miss Snow White was found dead in an alleyway by a crowd of homeless people on Sunday 18th June, 1928.

A few weeks ago, Snow White made the front page of The New York Mirror remarking that she was the ‘The Belle of New York City’. Mr and Mrs White thought: ‘There’s no better way to celebrate something than a party’. As a loyal, rich politician, George White hosted the party at the very top of the Empire State building; however, no one knew that this was just another part of Mrs White’s mastermind plot…

All was great! The party was in full swing, everyone was swirling around on the patterned dance floor, sipping New York’s finest champagne and ingesting cocktails. Smirking, Vivenne fiendishly handed over a drink; little did Snow White know that the cherry was poisoned…

Later that night, with misty eyes, a group of homeless people, in great need of food and warmth, found a corpse. Snow White’s corpse! Somehow, Snow White was in perfect condition: no scratches, no bruises and no cuts! No one knew the identity of the low-life murderer and citizens questioned: ‘What was Snow White doing in an alleyway?’

When police released this news, New York sobbed. But only one person refused to care — Vivenne White. Posters lined the city and covered the lampposts, announcing the beautiful Snow White’s death. Ever since Snow White passed away, New York has no other weather type but rain. Everyone who attended the party was ordered and forced to visit the police station, NYPD.

As time went on and the days flew by, the police collected more and more clues and pieced together the puzzle but that stopped once it was Vivenne’s turn. Her reply to every question was, “No comment”. Police and investigators wondered, “What could Snow White possibly be doing in an alleyway?” NYPD soon noticed the true culprit; it was Vivenne White all along! Currently, she doesn’t know that she’s being hunted down. If caught, she’ll be served with life! The reason being that she sent a bodyguard to kill Snow, however, the hit-man’s instincts forced him to resist. So Vivenne proceeded to attempt to murder Snow White – but this time with an un-noticeable approach…

Holly’s Persuasive Letter


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Dear Snow White,

In honour of your well-known success, your father and I have decided to host a grand gala, showcasing your new musical career. To celebrate this victory, we would love to see you by the Town Hall at 8:00pm; it will surely be an unforgettable event!

Firstly, there is always the amazing opportunity to please the guests with the exact thing that launched your career – your stunning singing voice! Why deny such a brilliant offer which would certainly make your father and me proud?

You may argue that you have far too many professional concerts to attend; however, your absence shall let down your friends and relatives greatly and the party just would not be the same!

If you pass (which I sincerely hope you do not), you will be missing out on all of the delicious nourishments: mouth-watering cookies, a sweet variety of candies, fruit bursting with flavour and a luscious, tempting Victoria sponge piled high with creamy icing, adorned with petite strawberries and cherries. What’s the purpose of having a ball in your honour if you are not there?

As your stepmother, I have spent millions of dollars on this party of a lifetime, and all of those many thousands shall be wasted if you do not attend! So, for the sake of your career, would you please turn up?

With gratitude,

Veronica White

Boys meet the chicks!


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As there were only seven boys left in class this afternoon, we decided to visit the chicks which have recently hatched in RR. They were adorable!
Don’t worry girls, you’ll get your turn next week!