Holly’s Persuasive Letter


Posted by Mr Sisterson | Posted in General News | Posted on 28-04-2016

Dear Snow White,

In honour of your well-known success, your father and I have decided to host a grand gala, showcasing your new musical career. To celebrate this victory, we would love to see you by the Town Hall at 8:00pm; it will surely be an unforgettable event!

Firstly, there is always the amazing opportunity to please the guests with the exact thing that launched your career – your stunning singing voice! Why deny such a brilliant offer which would certainly make your father and me proud?

You may argue that you have far too many professional concerts to attend; however, your absence shall let down your friends and relatives greatly and the party just would not be the same!

If you pass (which I sincerely hope you do not), you will be missing out on all of the delicious nourishments: mouth-watering cookies, a sweet variety of candies, fruit bursting with flavour and a luscious, tempting Victoria sponge piled high with creamy icing, adorned with petite strawberries and cherries. What’s the purpose of having a ball in your honour if you are not there?

As your stepmother, I have spent millions of dollars on this party of a lifetime, and all of those many thousands shall be wasted if you do not attend! So, for the sake of your career, would you please turn up?

With gratitude,

Veronica White

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Fantastic writing keep it up!

Very persuasive Holly.
Well done.

Great letter holly fantastic.

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