Boys meet the chicks!


Posted by Mr Sisterson | Posted in General News | Posted on 11-03-2016

As there were only seven boys left in class this afternoon, we decided to visit the chicks which have recently hatched in RR. They were adorable!
Don’t worry girls, you’ll get your turn next week!


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It was great fun holding the chicks. Mine was just laying down in my hands but my friend got to hold one aswell and the chick was actually trying to fall asleep.

I really enjoyed to and me and my chick bit me lots of times I felt like crying.

The chicks felt so soft and cosy, my chick was waddling about like a penguin. All the boys had a lot of fun.

Your faces are so funny looks like you had so much fun!

We had so much fun I had a girl chick on me and I was so soft and gentle it fell asleep on me and his feet felt very weird and strange.

Alfie’s chick looked a bit like Alfie because his chick was proud to have a photo with him

Thanks Ellie

I loved holding the chicks they were so cute and mine was so fidgety


OMG boys I have never seen you so happy,Mr Sisterson it looks like you felt like a child again and Alfie you had the funniest face ever and the chick you held looked at the camera I hoped you all had great fun the only time I got to hold one is when I done the registers but at least I got to hold one and most of the girls didn’t get to hold one.

I want to see the chicks now!

My chick kept trying to fly but I wouldn’t let it

So cute

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